Desiring God

If you are not already familiar with his work, I want to introduce you to John Piper. In particular I commend his book Desiring GodDesiring God

This book is a modern day classic. And in my mind it an almost indespensible aid to  gaining a Biblical perspective of the Glory of God.  Well, indespensible might be a bit of an overstatement.  But, it is a book I have read and re-read many, many times, always coming away with new insights and delight.

When I first read Desiring God it resonated with me like few other books ever have. I don’t want to say it shaped my thinking at that time. Rather I think it confirmed it.  I always knew there had to be away of enjoying life and honoring God.  Piper opens the door to show us how!

Piper thoroughly saturates his writing with exposition of Scripture, and brings together two aspects of life that are sadly not often enough paired together: Our Joy and God’s Glory.  By reuniting these perspectives Piper expresses far better than I could even dream of doing what what it means to live according to our primary purpose as Christians.  And because he expressed it so well, he has subsequently shaped much of how I express this important aspect of the Gospel. 

The link I provided above is to the e-book – the entire book online.  But there are also a number of other outstanding resources available at Desiring God Ministries.

I suggest reading through and thinking about at least the Introduction: How I Became a Christian Hedonist. (I know that whole concept may be shocking at first, but it will make perfect sense once you read the Intro.)  Then look over the chapter titles.

If you are hungry to grow in both your relationship with God and how a Christian lives, you won’t be disappointed.

5 thoughts on “Desiring God

  1. As you know, I am a huge fan of Piper’s. It was exciting for me to recognize his “thread” through the first sermon I heard you preach at Walnut Hill. I always thought that if I were to serve on a pulpit committee my question would be “Who do you read?”. I’m not sure if the committee would have had enough time to hear your list!!! I would love to have purposeful study of Piper as part of our bible study or Sunday school. Is there any other author/(s) who have impacted you the way Piper does? I know you mentioned Jerry Bridges in one of the early sermons (or when Sid Anderson mentioned the book translation). I had the pleasure of hearing him at Westminster last year (or early this year–cannot remember). I have three discs if you are interested in listening. I am a note write and literally have extra little slips of paper in my Bible because my margins were so full of noted during his sermon.

  2. Lisa,

    Thanks for your post – and your gracious comments!

    You may be in luck. The Elders at Walnut Hill are discussing using Piper’s Don’t Waste Your Life as the Sunday School study beginning in January. I’m sure your request will be recognized…


  3. In response to the previous comment I want to say that the author of the site recommended by Mr. Ramsek does not, in my opinion, understand waht Piper is writing. While there are some good insights, I think his assessment of Piper is… well, just wrong.

    But, in the interest of freedom of ideas, and theological discusssion, I’ll leave the link posted.

  4. Wow. I re-read my response to the last commenter, and realize I was a bit… abrupt & blunt. I think there are things that Piper that seem to be escaping the critic for some reason. I think it is good practice to honestly critique something as influencial as Desiring God, especially as strange-sounding as “Christian hedonism”. But I hope he grasps it and experiences the joy in Christ Piper encourages.

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