Resources for the 2008 Primary Elections

star-spangled-girl.jpg   The primary results keep rolling in but I’ve yet to figure out who I will vote for.  But I still have a few weeks until we in Tennessee vote on Super Tuesday.   

In the mean time I thought I’d share a couple resources I stumbled upon, that might be helpful to you who, like me, are still somewhat undecided.  (Click the BOLD text.)

Project Vote Smart 

This site simply lists the date for each state primary or caucus. 

Campaign Issues 2008

Published by the non-partisan Americans for Honorable Government, this site provides the views of each candidate in the candidates own words.   In fact, on this site, you can read and check your agreement or disagreement with the various positions as they are listed anonymously. The site will tally your agreements and disagreements and show you who you most resonate with, and who you most disagree with. 

Of course there may be other factors, but I thought it helpful. But unfortunately, in my case so far, the results only revealed what I already knew – a three-way tie between candidates.

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