Keeping Up With Those in Authority

I may be one of a relative few who went to the polls yesterday to vote in the local primaries.  I know there are many who do this, but compared to the number of registered voters out there, primary voters are a relative few.  So I am felling a great sense of patriotism today – probably even self-righteous pride and patriotism.  But that is another issue.

Not long ago I stumbled across a tool that has been helpful in keeping up with elected officials.  It is called GovTrack, a non-partisan, independant, non-commercial, web site that tracks the voting records and activity of legislators.  There is no editorial, no slanted commentary to the Right or to the Left.  And the site even has an interactive map in case you don’t know who your Representitives are, or if for some reason you want to know who represents the neighboring districts. 

Being an election year, it is important to be informed.  But I have also been using it to pray for those in authority.  (See 1 Timothy 2.1-3)  However you may choose to use it, I just thought I’d pass along this tool.

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