Ongoing Influence of Homecoming


Sunday before last our church, Walnut Hill Presbyterian, celebrated our anual Homecoming.  The church is now seventy-six years old, so there have been a lot of homecomings before this. But this was somewhat special.  Last year, my first here, we observed the 75th Anniversary of Walnut HIll.  There were a lot of festivities, so I didn’t get a picture of what was normal.  Until this year.

We invited Dr. Michael Milton, newly inaugurated president of Reformed Theological Seminary, to be our guest speaker.  The people of the church seemed to thoroughly enjoy Mike.  The feeling was apparently mutual.

Mike has written up some of his thoughts about his visit with us last week, and posted them on his blogs.  He is very gracious.  With all that is swirling around us in the news, it seems God used the people at Walnut Hill to speak to Mike just as He used Mike to speak with us.

Check out Mike’s post: Wall Steet, Von Balthasar, and Homecoming Dinner: Three Streams Converge.  (This is also posted on The Call, Dr. Milton’s RTS blog.)

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