Hi Ho, Hi Ho… It’s Off to the Polls I Go


Call me old fashioned, but I don’t open presents before Christmas morning. And I don’t vote before election day. That’s not a point of pride. It’s just what I do.  I am comfortable that way.

I go off the the polls this morning comforted by these thoughts:

1.  I am confident about the “class” of both major candidates. Unlike in the last couple of elections, I don’t expect the loser to act with sour grapes, and threaten lawsuits to prolong the race.  I recognize that the election is likely to be close, and therefore perhaps not resolved tonight. I understand there is widespread concern about voter fraud that needs to be rectified, which may require some additonal time.  But I am not expecting a poor loser who will, even years later, still claim to have had the election “stolen”.  This year will be a refreshing change.

2. Regardless of who wins, God is still in control.  While he has not promised that all things will go to our liking, or even that we will experience only bliss if we follow Christ, nevertheless, my hope is in him.  My aim is to align myself to His eternal purpose, not to try to sway him to my determined purposes. 

My prayer: “Your will be done, not mine, O Lord.”

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