After the Election

November 5, 2008


The election is now history and, regardless of ones political identity, this election has made history. 

I stumbled across two interesting posts, this afternoon, giving some perspective to whatever lies ahead:

After the Election at Sovereign Grace Blog

An Evening of Gracious Speech at Living the Gospel

3 Responses to “After the Election”

  1. wilsonrofishing Says:

    I, for one, am glad it is at long last over; it seems like the 2008 election has been going on for years.

    At least it’s all over now, as I talk about Here’s a few of the things I won’t miss as we head twards the inauguration of President-elect Obama, cheers!

  2. Charlie Says:

    Your 2nd link needs to have a spelling correction (speach–>speech). There’s no need to post this comment, you can just silently make the correction.

  3. Dennis Griffith Says:

    Thanks for the correction, Charlie. It has been up for a year and noody caught it until now. Correction made…

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