Heisman 2008


In just a little while the 73rd Heisman Trophy will be awarded by the Downtown Athletic Club of New York City to the player they deem to have been the most outstanding of 2008.  

It’s the year of the Quarterback, as evidenced by the fact that the DAC has invited only three QB’s to the presentation. But I thought I’d chime in. 

Here is what my ballot would look like, if I had a vote:

1. Graham Harrell – QB – Texas Tech – SR

Can anyone imagine where the Red Raiders would be without Harrell? Granted he has an All America WR to throw to, but it is Harrell’s throwing that make the other guy an All American. If the award went to the guy who was most outstanding and most valuable, Harrell would win hands down. But, alas, the geniuses who actually vote for the Heisman have ignored Harrell so, like others before him (i.e. Payton Manning) he cannot win the trophy he deserves.

2. Colt McCoy – QB – Texas – JR

Unbelievable completion percentage, and leads his team in both passing and rushing.  It is an injustice – albeit minor – that he is not in the National Championship game.  Even still, it is no fault of his.

3. Tim Tebow – QB – Florida – JR

The returning winner, and deserving again. In many ways Tebow is a much better QB than last year when he won the Trophy, even though the stats are down some.  His character is impecable, so if there is another two-time winner it would be great for it to be someone like Tebow. Almost single handedly carrid the Gators to the BCS Championship Game.  Only reason he is not top of my list is the other guys were just a little better this year.

4. Eric Berry – SS – Tennessee – SO

OK, accuse me of being a homer. But Berry dominated on defense, and led the Volunteer D to be one of the best in the land while the O was one of the ugliest anyone has seen in recent memory.  That’s tough to do.  And he became a two-way player, as a WR & QB.

5. Armanti Edwards – QB – Appalachian State – JR

Yes, I know this is not going to happen, but there is precedent for 1AA players making the Top 5. And there is not a more dynamic player in the country. He will win the Walter Payton Award, which he should have also won last season.

6. Daryll Clark – QB – Penn State – JR

Took the reigns, and his athleticism led the Nittany Lions to a Big Ten Championship and Rose Bowl berth.  And like McCoy, the one loss was not Clark’s fault. He got them in postion to win, and the Kicker blew it. Otherwise Clrak would be playing for the NCAA Championship this year.

7. Sam Bradford – QB – Oklahoma – SO

Probably the favorite to actually win it. While deserving if he does, I see him as a system QB. At least that’s the explanation for his stats.  Others have been denied the trophy for that reason. And while the same could be said for Harrell, who I have first, Bradford QB’s a team that would be a powerhouse even with someone else at the helm.

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