Hope for Humility


I’ve heard Steve Brown offer this amusing anecdote:

“I was given a pin by my club for being the most humble member.  They took it away because I wore it.”

I have much to be humble about.  But, if I was in Steve Brown’s club, no one would have ever given me a pin in the first place.  No one who knows me would consider me a model of humility.  Despite all the reasons I should be, being humble is just not something that comes easily for me. 

I live an irony. I have studied the subject of humility at some depth, especially over the past couple years. Yet I find it all too easy to become proud about what I’ve learned – even as my study reveals what I lack!  Nevertheless, as a work in progress I continue the pursuit that, for me, seems almost an inigma.

Tim Keller tackles the topic of humility in a brief, but insightful, article: Advent of Humility.  In the opening paragraph Keller notes:

When Jesus himself tried to summarize why people should take up the yoke of following him, he said it was because he was meek and humble (Matt. 11:29). Seldom, however, do we explore the full implications of how Jesus’ radical humility shapes the way we live our lives every day.

As Keller explores the importance, the grounds and the necessity of humility, he also observes some of the hindrances.   Interestingly, in the end, Keller points us to the only hope we have of becomming humble, even as he acknowledges that he has no practical solutions for those who, like me, are in desperate need of growing and living in humility.

To read, click: Advent of Humility

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