Making These Mountains Come Alive


If asked to list my favorite contemporary authors, Cameron Judd would no doubt rank high.  Judd most notably made a name for himself in Westerns, a genre I am not particularly interested in. But he also has delved deeply into Historical Fiction, which from the time I read my first Michener novel has been a literary style that captures my inaginiation.

My appreciation for Judd is reinforced as I finish up the last pages of his work on Daniel Boone just this afternoon.

Judd has written extensively about the history of Tennessee, his home state, with two trilogies, and a few independent biographies of the pioneers.  

To date I have read:

Tennessee Frontier Trilogy:

     The Overmoutain Men  (1757-1777)

     The Border Men  (1778-1783)

     The Canebrake Men (1785-1800)

Mountain War Trilogy:

   Shadow Warriors  (1860-1863)

   Phantom Legion  (1863)

   Season of Reckoning  (1864-1866)



   Crockett of Tennessee

I first read the two trilogies several years ago.  But when we returned to East Tennessee I took them off the shelves to re-read.  The Historical Markers now almost seem to have life as I occasionally explore the region on days off. 

I think the next Judd work I’ll tackle is his historical work, Bridge Burners.

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