2009 Lenten Devotional


We have now entered into the Season of Lent.  I realize that for many who read this blog Lent may be a familiar word, but still it may be a word that really carries no meaning.  If you are not from a church with a liturgical background it probably won’t mean much. In fact, for some it may carry some negative connotations. That need not be.

My intention is not to write a discourse about the meaning of Lent. For one reason, I am not qualified. While I have some interest in the subject, I don’t come from a liturgical tradition, so I don’t know enough to presume to explain anything.

What I do know is that any season is a good time to reflect on the Life & Work of Jesus Christ.  And my friend, Fred Harrell, who pastors City Church of San Francisco, and his staff,  have developed a Devotional for the Season of Lent. 

If you are looking for a fresh resource for your time with God, I encourage you to check it out:

Lent Devotional 2009


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