Cats & Dogs and God’s Global Glory

First among the Core Values at Walnut Hill Church is God’s Global Glory.  This is the recognition that we do not exist, as a church or as individuals, primarily for ourselves, but for God and for his glory. 

Expressing this as a platitude is one thing.  Getting newcomers to agree with this premise is something else. And getting people to embrace it as an actual value that is lived out in their lives, and in the life of our church, is something else altogether. 

How do we get people to reorient their thinking and make corresponding changes in their lives?  That’s the question the leaders of the church have to wrestle with. Making it all the more difficult is our own inconsistency.  We are the living embodiment of the words from the old hymn: “Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it… Prone to leave the God I love…”  And so are the people we are called to lead. (And, most likely, so are you.)

One of the most effetive tools I am aware of regarding the teaching of this value is Cat & Dog Theology developed by UnveilinGlory.  (See video above.)

I introduced Cat & Dog Theology to our church about a year ago, at our first missions conference at Walnut Hill.  We had Gerald Robison, vice president of UnveilinGlory as the keynote speaker.  From time to time church members still talk about both the conference and, more importantly, what they learned through the messages. 

But how do we build on that?

UnvelinGlory has now developed a series of web-based instructional videos that makes Cat & Dog Theology, along with other resources, available online.  So far I’ve only had opportunity glance through a few of the videos, but it looks promising.  Each of the videos is relatively short – 20 minutes, more or less.  But the videos I’ve seen contain both the substance and style that makes the seminar interesting and instructive. 

I encourage you to check out: Our Journey With Him

While there is an opportunity to sign up for a Premium membership, all the videos are available for free if you sign in as a guest.

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