Recharging a Spiritual Battery


Unfortunately I’m going to miss it.  Our church is hosting a seminar tomorrow.  After scheduling the seminar I received notice that a committee I am on that serves our whole denomination meets the same day.  So I am sitting here writing from my hotel room in Atlanta.

I would not have even considered missing the seminar, excpet that I had already gone through training for this ministry – PLACE – several years 

PLACE is designed to help Christians discover how they are wired for the purpose of more effective and enjoyable service for the Kingdom of God.  Taking Personality, Spiritual Gift(s), Life Experiences, and Passions & Interests into consideration, each participant develops a profile for himself/herself.  The profiles reflect how each of us is uniquely made. The intent is to help people think through these factors and help them match how they are wired with various opportunities for service and ministry.

Despite missing the kickoff seminar, I am excited about seeing this implemeted in our church.  I am convinced that serving in line with ones interests and in accord with ones gifts not only enhances the effectiveness, but also energizes the one who serves. 

As I see it, functioning according to how one is wired functions in the life of a Christian much like the alternator does in my car.  Now I’m no mechanic, but I’ve had cars with bad alternators. What happens – or what happened – was that my car would work for a while, but eventually, with the alternator malfunctioning, the battery was drained until it was dead.  Likewise, many conscientious Christians serve selflessly in the church and the community.  But when one operates for a length of time without regard for how God has wired us, eventually our batteries run low.  Burnout.  But, when the alternator is functioning properly, the act of service actually recharges the batteries. 

That’s what we are praying for.

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