Real Christians SHOULD Dance

April 13, 2009


I received this quote from my friends at Graced Again.  The author, Bob Flayhart, is minister at Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, AL. 

A Gospel-centered life is the Christian Waltz. A waltz is a dance made up of three steps. Christians need to consider the Christian three step when it comes to growth.

In the first step, we acknowledge our need as we see our sin in light of the Law. In the second step, we look to Christ to change us. In the third step, we fight against sin and fight to choose righteousness in the strength of the Holy Spirit. Repent! Believe! Fight!…Repent! Believe! Fight!…Repent! Believe! Fight!

An emphasis on the love and grace of God lays the dance floor,or the foundation, for the waltz. Unless Christians are convinced of God’s love for them and His favor over them by virtue of their union with Christ, they will minimize their sin and engage in blame-shifting and excuse- making in order to feel justified before God.

Unfortunately, many in the Church today teach believers a Two-step. The two-step is to simply repent and fight. They acknowledge their sin and proceed with new resolve to try harder to avoid sin. The problem with this approach is it bypasses the cross of Christ and the power of the resurrection.  -Bob Flayhart

This was such a good insight and great illustration I wanted to post the whole thing rather than just the link.  But check out Graced Again and subscribe to their weekly e-mail.  They regulalrly provide thought provoking and insightful quotes.

One Response to “Real Christians SHOULD Dance”

  1. jocelyn Says:

    wow. i have not looked at the Christian dance this way. what a wonderful metaphor for dance and our walk with the Lord. God bless you and thank you for your study.

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