Triumph Over Tragedy Illustrates Grace

What an amazing story of triumph over tragedy, forgiveness, reconciliation, and grace.

The name Bouniconti will ring a bell for sports fans over 40. Nick Bouniconti was a Hall of Fame Middle Linebacker for the Miami Dolphins during their dynasty years of the ’70’s.  But this story is not about Nick, nor is it really about football. The story is about Nick’s son, Marc Bouniconti, who, while following in his fathers football footstseps, was tragically parlyzed while making a tackle during a game in 1985.

The above video from ESPN tells the story of how the paralysis caused a subsequent 20 year alienation with his alma mater, The Citadel, and how that relationship has now been healed. 

As nice as that story is, it is not the story I have in mind. I think it pales in comparison to another reconciliation in Marc Bouniconti’s life. 

The story I have in mind is one I heard just this morning on the radio. It is the story of Bouniconti reuniting with the player who caused the paralysis, Herman Jacobs of East Tennessee State University.  It is a wonderful story of grace: how one man gave “life” to the one who had hurt him.  After more than 20 years of separation, Bouniconti and Jacobs reconnected, and Bouniconti reached out to help Jacobs realize his life dream.

Click the link to watch the news clip of this uplifitng story: Bouniconti & Jacobs.

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