Pastor Dad: E-book by Mark Driscoll

Pastor Dad

Father’s Day has passed, but I just read a resource I thought I’d pass along to Dads and aspiring dads-to-be.  It is another e-book by Mark Driscoll of Resurgence and Mars Hill Church, this one titled Pastor Dad: Scriptural Insights on Fatherhood

The premise behind this free 48 page book is:

Every dad is a pastor. The important thing is that he is caring for his flock well.

Typical of Driscoll, this book combines sound Biblical insights with some of Driscoll’s brash, over-the-top, in-your-face applications.  So it is not a book for the overly sensitive or the timid.  But, while after a quick read I can say I don’t agree with all his positions, Driscoll’s thoughts are Biblial, practical, and worth considering for those who appreciate, or are at least willing to engage, his style.

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