Death of Michael Jackson: Reconsidered

The sudden death of music icon Michael Jackson has certainly been the news of the weekend. Peoples’ emotions have run from crying to curious to cynical.  I confess, my own attitude has probably been a little closer to snide.  My mental response to news updates declaring “Latest Details” is to think, sometimes outloud, “Is his status going to change?”

Apparently my reaction was not entirely unique.  According to an article by Mike Cosper of Sojourn Music:

The reaction of Christians to Jackson’s death surprised me. Some reacted with pity and sadness. Others with a tone of indifference. Some reacted harshly, pronouncing final judgment.

Cosper goes on to offer his own perspective about Jackson’s magic & tragic life, about death, and the reaction of the masses.  The article is short and simple, but it convinced me that I was wrong.  My attitude needed some adjustment. Death of a celebrity is more complex than I had considered. 

Check out Cosper’s article: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

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