Crazy Love

I don’t know Francis Chan, but I think I like him.  I know I like what I see so far.

A friend, who is also an Elder in our church, introduced me to Chan a few months ago. He had just finished reading Chan’s book, Crazy Love, and said that Chan was teaching the same things I had been introducing to Walnut Hill Church – namely a Gospel-driven, missional approach to living.  He wanted to know if I was familiar with Chan, and what my thoughts were.  At the time I had none.  But obviously I was curious. I was curious to see what this guy was saying, if indeed we were teaching similarly.  I was curious to see what my friend and colleague percieved I was teaching, since he thought we were teaching the same things.

I did some investigation on the Internet.  The only negatives I found, or rather the only criticisms of Chan I found, were a couple of Asian-American bloggers who thought Chan acted too “White” or Anglo; and someone who seemed put off by Chan’s frequent application of the Gospel to the use of money.  I didn’t find either of these charges to be anything to discredit Chan, so I conintued with my investigation.

Now, a few months after first hearing Chan’s name, I find myself impressed.  I don’t know all he has said or written, so the day may come when I find myself disagreeing with Chan about something. But that day is not today.  And even if, or when, it does come I suspect it won’t be too big a deal.  It’ll only be a matter of degree.  Francis Chan is a man who loves God, who loves people, and who knows how God has loved His people.  He is passionate about telling people about God’s Crazy Love. He is faithful to call people to love God and each other in tangible ways, in seemingly crazy ways.

So not only has my friend stumbled upon a faithful teacher, I have become a student as well.    

To get acqauinted with Francis Chan, check out the above video, and the related website, Just Stop and Think.

3 thoughts on “Crazy Love

  1. since i’m the asian-american blogger who wrote that criticism post, i’d invite you to brush up on some reading skills. i’m not criticizing chan for acting white; he is who he is. i criticize the whites who run orange conference for failing to acknowledge the overwhelming homogeneity of their gathering, then proceeding to speak as if they represent the church, when only white people are present. i don’t care if white people like to get together in such large numbers; i like being around other asian-americans. but at least acknowledge the lack of diversity– from the staff to the speakers (my point being chan does not bring diversity) to the participants.

  2. Danny,

    Thanks for the clarification. By bloggers I was also including those who posted responses to your post, not simply singling you out. But you must admit, even the titillating title of your post, Is Francis Chan a Sell-Out?, does solicit some negative comments.

    Nevertheless, I will take your advice to “brush up on some reading skills”.

    And I’ll reciprocate by offering you some unsolicited counsel: Be aware of shrillness in your writing. Phrases such as “The problem is he is not yellow” and “…none of his theology springs from his life as an Asian-American” certainly are subject to being interpreted as questioning Chan.

    However, I notice you have now added an apology to that post, written after I first read your piece. I take it that you have already become aware of this issue.

    Thanks again for commenting.

  3. Dennis,

    Thanks for adding this introduction to Chan to your blog. I am hopeful that as more people hear the message that you and Chan faithfully proclaim, that more lives will be continually changed and transformed into what God calls us to become. As I continue to read and learn more about the Gospel, I am convicted of how small my love has been and how big and crazy it should be.


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