As a life-long owner of Great Danes I have long been a fan of the Marmaduke cartoon strip.  It is quite obvious to me that Brad Anderson, the creator-illustrator, knows the quirkiness common among Great Danes yet unique to the breed.

So it is with great anticipation I am looking forward to the premier of Marmaduke the movie, which opens tonight around the country.  While other commitments will prevent us from making it to the theatre on opening night, my wife, Carolyn, and I have already carved out a time to take it in at the local drive-in this weekend.

One thought on “Marmaduke

  1. We saw Marmaduke the movie last night at the drive-in. It is a nice, funny, family film. I think most people would find it a pleasant outing.

    On the other hand, I confess I was a little disappointed. It is not so much that there was anything I didn’t like, as much as it didn’t match my expectations – rather it did not match my hopes. I had hoped the film would build on the quirky personality traits common to Great Danes. But I don’t think the film creator understands Great Danes as much as the cartoonist does. In the movie Marmaduke came across as likeably impish, where as in real life Great Danes are more loveably goofy.

    Oh well, it was stil a nice noght out with the family and some friends.

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