The Boys of Fall

August 21, 2010

This video and song bring back strong memories and emotions. It brings joy and satisfaction that my two boys and I can share these – even if a generation apart.  If you played high school football, you know what I mean.

2 Responses to “The Boys of Fall”

  1. David Alexander Says:

    I think those memories are somthing that is a part of all sport and not just football… There is somthing about being on a team and fighting for a cause and purpose that does affect our hearts. I believe God designed us to be part of somthing bigger than ourselves and to be part of a team for the high calling of Jesus in our lives and the lives of others. Thats where our hearts get involved…grasping what God’s intent for us is and really living that out. Not sure I can articulate this well but there is somthing about being part of a team doing what is on God’s heart, making Disciples and living for Him.

    Sports and especially team sports like football can give us some insight into this I think. Does this make any sense?

  2. Alan Waldecker Says:

    I love this video

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