Parental Blindspots

NOTE: This is an excerpt from a longer article found at  My Thanks to The Aquila Report for posting this edited version. 
The video above is to add some humor and to lighten things up. Lest anyone think I have aversions to homeschooling, I want it to be known that we homeschooled one of our children for two years. We have no doubt that his experience was crucial to the successes he has subsequently experienced in the classroom, on the football field, socially, and I suspect spiritually.
It should be noted that while this post addresses issues that have arisen in Homeschool families, these problems are not limited to Homeschoolers. The author has recognized spiritaul problems and idols that transcend school choice.  We all would do well to become aware of the subtle blindspots that occur whenever we functionally trust in a “thing” in addition to – or even more than – our Creator-Redeemer.
Those who have the most power to influence our hearts are those to whom we are drawn: those who succeed with our values (which is what a hero is), those who can benefit us, those who make us feel valuable, and those who have earned our respect.  If our children grow up motivated only by fear of consequence, they will eventually get away with what they can whenever we are not around (Ephesians 6.6). 
In the last couple of years, I have heard from multitudes of troubled homeschool parents around the country, a good many of whom were leaders. These parents have graduated their first batch of kids, only to discover that their children didn’t turn out the way they thought they would. Many of these children were model homeschoolers while growing up, but sometime after their 18th birthday they began to reveal that they didn’t hold to their parents’ values.
Some of these young people grew up and left home in defiance of their parents. Others got married against their parents’ wishes, and still others got involved with drugs, alcohol, and immorality. I have even heard of several exemplary young men who no longer even believe in God. My own adult children have gone through struggles I never guessed they would face.
Most of these parents remain stunned by their children’s choices, because they were fully confident their approach to parenting was going to prevent any such rebellion.
After several years of examining what went wrong in our own home and in the homes of so many conscientious parents, God has opened our eyes to a number of critical blind spots common to homeschoolers and other family-minded people.