2 thoughts on “Welcoming Malcontents

  1. This is showing the truth about reformation or areas of life that God causes to exist as purgatory environments, within the Catholic use of vocabulary, for life that is designed to understand God’s interest and united meaning about that interest continuously. Repositioning is what God causes to occur that moves this live out reformed activity in divided locations where life can “tell itself or someone else something” that they do not know about completely, that is not allowed to be set to the experience of truth.

    Unity is, of course, interesting, for ALL where there is the causation of interest and the experience of united truth (this is a feeling or a state of being pertaining to the meaning of God’s causation of activity) ALWAYS happening.

  2. Allelyah,

    I am not exactly sure what you are getting at. This cartoon is simply a humorous expression of a common issue for all congregations – sooner or later malcontents show up.

    As for implications about the Reformation, or purgatory for that matter, are way beyond any thoughts I have regarding this cartoon.

    While I suppose malcontents leaving one church to go to another is a way of “purging” the rolls, there can be no suggestion that this is related to the Roman Catholic theory of Purgatory. (FYI, there is no Biblical support for such dogma.)

    As for the Reforming a church, while there are reasonable and strategic reasons for changing churches, simple discontent is not among them. No doubt churches are altered when a malcontent leaves or comes. But genuine Reformation takes place when the Word is rightly taught; when people center their lives on the gospel, deepening both faith and repentance; when relationships move beyond friendly to redemptively loving one another as Jesus loved us; and when the gospel frees us to love our neighbors – the lowly and outcast, the disaffected, and enemies among them – which consequently propels us to serve them as Christ served us.

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