Flood of Knowledge

March 29, 2012

“Behind every stack of books… there is a flood of knowledge.”

HT: Steve Erickson

Photo: Yerkaland

2 Responses to “Flood of Knowledge”

  1. David Says:

    sometimes I wonder about why we read what we read. I happen to like reading, but more and more I think I need to be carefull what I spend my time reading.

    seems easy to substitue Bible reading for Christian books.

    Someone told me early in my Christian walk I only had to be master of one book. I think that was wise advice.

  2. Dennis Griffith Says:

    Good thoughts. And yes, it is easy to substitute good books for Bible. But the best books would be those that enhance our understanding of the Bible. An old Puritan, I can’t remember which, once said that “A good book should be to the eye what the sermon is to the ear”.

    But…. Mostly I just thought this was a cool picture.

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