The True & Better

October 19, 2012

In this brief video, Tim Keller shows us how Jesus can be seen throughout the familiar narratives of the Old Testament.  This is not an exercise like Where’s Waldo? , where you scour a picture to see if you can find the hidden face.  Nor is this mere metaphor.  This is God’s intended revelation of his grace that was to come.  Each instance is a typology in which, through real life historical figures and events, there is a foreshadowing of the life, work, and/or character of the promised Messiah.  This is why Jesus said to his disciples along the Emmaus Road: “All the Scriptures speak of me.”  (See Luke 24.25-27)

One Response to “The True & Better”

  1. So often technology is used so that it detracts from the message, but here Tim Keller uses it effectively to make the point that it is all about Jesus, not about us. Great video, thanks.

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