Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted

OK. A little snarky.  I do not want this blog to number among those that are nothing but negative – ranting, complaining, etc.  Those are just downright wearying.  And while some of those negative bloggers may be striving for the purity of God’s people, I am of opinion that most of them are missing that mark, and are rather bringing more dishonor to Christ than honor, simply because of their shrillness.

That said, this was just too funny to pass up!

I have no idea whether Joel Osteen is a good guy or not.  He seems like he might be.  I also have no idea whether Joel Osteen is a Christian or not.  He claims to be. But the message he preaches is far more humanist than Biblical. Thus if what he preaches is a reflection of all he believes, it seems troubling.

Again, I post the photo for simple amusement.  But if you are curious about what is troubling about Joel Osteen and his message, (and what makes this satire on target,) you may want to check out the August 2013 article by Rick Henderson for Huffington Post: The False Promise of the Prosperity Gospel: Why I Called Out Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer.

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