High School Musical: Broken Arrow Lip Dub

A feature in USA Today this week caught my attention. They highlighted a lip dub video from Broken Arrow High School in Oklahoma.  The 2017 video is a sequal to the school’s lip dub video that went viral in 2015.

Ordinarily I probably wouldn’t really care about such things. I may admire the artistry and the work that went into it, but after a viewing it’s likely I wouldn’t give it another thought. But this is different.  Broken Arrow High School holds a special place in my heart. My family moved to Broken Arrow just before I started high school. I went to Broken Arrow High School for my Freshman and Sophomore years of high school; before our family moved to Nashville for my final two years of high school.

Though I did not graduate from BA, at least a part of me will always be a Broken Arrow Tiger.

Here is the link to the 2015 USA Today article highlighting the original video.

Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted

OK. A little snarky.  I do not want this blog to number among those that are nothing but negative – ranting, complaining, etc.  Those are just downright wearying.  And while some of those negative bloggers may be striving for the purity of God’s people, I am of opinion that most of them are missing that mark, and are rather bringing more dishonor to Christ than honor, simply because of their shrillness.

That said, this was just too funny to pass up!

I have no idea whether Joel Osteen is a good guy or not.  He seems like he might be.  I also have no idea whether Joel Osteen is a Christian or not.  He claims to be. But the message he preaches is far more humanist than Biblical. Thus if what he preaches is a reflection of all he believes, it seems troubling.

Again, I post the photo for simple amusement.  But if you are curious about what is troubling about Joel Osteen and his message, (and what makes this satire on target,) you may want to check out the August 2013 article by Rick Henderson for Huffington Post: The False Promise of the Prosperity Gospel: Why I Called Out Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer.

Greatest Ever Fictional Basketball Player

Fictional B-ball

Over at Grantland.com a discussion has been started to occupy the few down-time moments of sports fans during the NCAA March Madness.  The discussion: Who is the greatest ever fictional basketball player?

Here are the rules:

Rule 1: The Blue Chips Rule

The film Blue Chips was loaded with actual NBA stars playing fictional characters. It would be too easy to just pick the guys from this movie, or to simply add in another guy or two. So the Blue Chips Rule is: You can’t pick more than two players from any one movie.

Rule 2:  Split Personality Rule

If someone has played a basketball player in more than one movie, you can pick only one of his or her roles.

Rule 3: The Earl Manigault Rule

You can’t pick anyone who was portraying a real-life basketball player.

Rule 4: The Fletch Rule

There is no restriction on the type of movie referenced. It doesn’t have to be billed as a basketball movie; it only needs to contain some basketball scenes.

Rule 5: Fiction Rule

This is not a “Who Was the Best Basketball Player” to ever play in a movie thing, this is a “Who Was the Best Fictional Basketball Player” thing. In other words, while Shaq may have been the best player to ever play a fictional basketball character, it is not actual basketball skills this contest measures. (NOTE: Michael Jordan is disqualified from this contest because he played himself in Space Jam.) Rather who is the best fictional basketball player, which may include not only skills shown in the film, but the character he plays.

With those rules in mind, here is my team:



Bob Newhart: Just Stop It

During the NCAA Championship football game last night, between Oregon and Ohio State, comedian Bob Newhart unexpectedly began trending on Twitter and Facebook.  Likely this was because of the games referee, who had an uncanny resemblance to Newhart – a much more buff Bob Newhart.  When I first noticed this resemblance I did not say anything, assuming the association was probably in my mind only.  Not long after another guy in the group shared his observation, and several others agreed.  Before long one of the guys checked Twitter, and lo and behold the trend.

As a kid I watched The Bob Newhart Show on many a Saturday night. In fact, it was because of that show I briefly thought  becoming a psychologist, and counseling for a living, might be an interesting career.  But that idea soon faded.  So it seems a little ironic that, as a pastor, a fair amount of my time is spent in counseling.

While  have posted this video before, several years ago, because Bob Newhart is back in vogue – at least for today – I thought I would post it again so that those who never had the opportunity to see The Bob Newhart Show, or those who have forgotten, can see the master at work.  Of course this video is not from the actual TV show, but rather is a comedy sketch. Nevertheless, it is Bob Newhart counseling a client.  His approach here in not one I would intentionally employ, but I do have to admit there have been times it would be tempting.